Intelligence aspects astrology

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) indicators in Personal Horoscope

Getting feelings out on paper. Keeping a diary. Writing with feeling. Speaking with emotion. Heartfelt words. Emotionally charged language. Inability to separate feeling from thought. Stuck in thought patterns. Rationalizing your emotions. Habitual talking without reason. Quick defenses. Quick reactions. Fleeting emotions. Fleeting moods. Fleeting thoughts.

Talking as a security blanket. Talking about comfortable topics.

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Everyday chit chat and how you feel about it. Feeling secure with your communication skills — or not. Finding security in logic.

Sun Moon Mercury Conjunction In 8th House

Making connections between feelings. Making connections with women. A communicative mother — or not. Superficial feelings. Needing mental stimulation to feel happy. Needing books, papers, journals and diaries to feel happy. Needing to communicate feelings. Needing to feel safe enough to communicate feelings. Scattered emotions.

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Scattered thoughts. Quick-change point of view. Emotional learning. Learning by feeling. Nurturing through education. Nourishing your intellect. Feeding your brain. Feeling nourished by reading. Feeling nourished by writing. Feeling nourished through relationships with siblings. Sharing feelings with siblings. Feeling safe to communicate with siblings.

Clever habits. Sly inclinations. Deceptive communication. Mentally receptive. Loving wit and cleverness.

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Emotional skills — whether you have them or not. Loving to make mental connections. Your emotional intelligence quotient. Your emotions impact your ability to communicate — for better or worse. What is your frequency? What level of Hertz do you resonate with? Naming feelings. Naming behaviors.

Putting names to the past. Talking about the past. Talking about your mother. Early school experiences and the feelings they bring up. Emotional ties to siblings. Changing body positions frequently. Quick metabolism. Changeable appetite. Eating habits that change with your mood. Eating on the go.

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Eat and run. Fast food. Eating little bits of food. Not wanting to be tied down emotionally. Needing space to breathe emotionally. Curious about emotions, moods and feelings. This is a classic sign of intelligence. I think of the inventor of velco. A sticky burr adhered to his pants.

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From that incident, he invented velcro. He takes humor to the next level i. Mercury is the asteroid of the mind. Sir Paul McCartney certainly has pure mental brilliance! Quaoar Conjunct the Ascendant Guess who has this placement for pure brilliance, which would shine forth from his life?

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The great Albert Einstein. This is a classic aspect for a liar. It is a classic aspect for a wonderful imagination. All great traits can be taken to too much of an extreme and turn bad. However, I hadto add this because it is in the chart of one the greatest authors of our time, in my opinion, which is Stephen King. It is, also, classic for any creative enterprise, such as music or art.

This native could pick up a lie a thousand feet away. This native could scope out a fraud a thousand feet away. Great perception is a wonderful form of intelligence and this native is one of the poster boys. They seem to have an amazing sense of humor, as well. Humor is really truth which polite society does not want to face. Ask Ali G! Amiiiii, ya sweet talker, you btw, aside from the Pluto conjucntion, my mercury also tightly trines Saturn and Neptune, so this might be adding to it IP: Logged.

Pisces placements show mystical and unimaginable talent or wats of thinking.

Natal Moon inconjunct Jupiter- Learning emotional intelligence

Allthough, water on Mercury is an interesting combo because the emotions get mixed in with the logical thought process. It can produce interesting results but is not good for Mercury when it comes to reaching it's highest potential. A water Mercury in an Air house might help balance this out.

What alchemy and astrology can teach artificial intelligence researchers

Aqua Mercury conjunct Neptune exact in third. IP: Logged. I would think water Mercurys would be more attuned with the arts in general, but having it in an air house would definitely add a different flavor to it. I have a water Mercury in a water house and was never naturally drawn to the more scientific, left-brained subjects. I guess I could have tried forcing myself into it more, but like you said my potential probably wouldn't get as fulfilled in comparison to someone with a more cerebral, air Mercury.

intelligence aspects astrology Intelligence aspects astrology
intelligence aspects astrology Intelligence aspects astrology
intelligence aspects astrology Intelligence aspects astrology
intelligence aspects astrology Intelligence aspects astrology
intelligence aspects astrology Intelligence aspects astrology
intelligence aspects astrology Intelligence aspects astrology

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