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Dear sweet Leo, you have been in a phase of clearing up old karma and you are in a phase of endings and beginnings. This IS the time to make long range plans. The Solar Eclipse on April 8th is square to Saturn which may bring in a challenging period as did the eclipse last October. All things of a spiritual nature, higher mind and higher learning, as well as travel are of benefit to you. The opportunity to connect with a teacher of high calibre may be presented to you. The April 24th Lunar Eclipse brings a desire for a move or a change of pace and this began last October.


Here is your horoscope for November 19, 2018

Mercury retrograde in Aries in could indicate you are interested in creating a new business or job. You are promised success so long as you do not over commit yourself financially or energetically. The April 8th Solar Eclipse is a time when mortgages, leases and loans are favored as are all joint financial arrangements. Blessings come to you from a partner and from those who are close to you. Venus favoring Pluto could indicate you are enjoying a remodeling or redecorating project. With the April 24th Lunar Eclipse, there could be many changes coming up for a brother or sister including a new romance and an improvement in their financial situation during the coming six months.

The yearly horoscope for each star sign, take a look and find out what the year has in store. The eclipse patterns are going back and forth over the relationship axis of your horoscope. The most important thing to you is your love life and partnership issues.

If you are single, an important new relationship may enter your life. If you are married, the emphasis is on that relationship for the coming year. It is also a very creative influence and the opportunity to turn your creativity in to a paying situation opens up. The Lunar Eclipse on April 24th sets up an excellent six month period for financial gain. With the April 8th Solar Eclipse falling in your 6th of health and the Lunar Eclipse on April 24th in your 1st house you need to be more health conscious during the coming six months.

You may benefit from receiving some energy work with the favorable aspect to Uranus. These influences could also be a sign that you need a change and this could be related to your diet, your work, your habits or your daily schedule. You may be more concerned over a parent, a boss, your business or work situation.

Taurus 12222 horoscope:

Romance, creativity and money are favored especially April, May and June The Solar Eclipse on April 8th brings the possibility of love and romance during the coming year. Avenues to express your creativity are opening up especially in the writing, teaching and publishing areas. You are in a cycle of increasing your clairvoyant abilities and meditation is one of the best ways for you to do this.

Love and Compatibility for November 19 Zodiac

The Lunar Eclipse on April 24th indicates changes and improvements in your work situation. Money has been an issue for a while and is still looking tight until Saturn leaves Cancer in July.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

Anything new begun late February through the end of May will be successful. You just seem to be in the right place at the right time. The Solar Eclipse on April 8th places an emphasis on your home, property and family matters. This may not be an easy time for you in one or more of these areas.

When Saturn leaves Cancer in July things will improve. At the same time Jupiter favoring Mars and Neptune is an excellent influence for money from professional endeavors. The elders in the family will be impressed by your progress and love for the family. The Taurus children will do well in school, and they will also be active in social and physical activities. As per the forecast for Taurus, this month the stars have decided to bless you with good health.

Taurus Daily Horoscope

You will enjoy the same only if you take a balanced diet and exercise daily to keep the chronic diseases away. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! The horoscope for November Taurus foretells that your professional prospects this month are very bright. You are not willing to give up easily on anything that you have started from the ground. You will be associated with gifted people who will help you in achieving your set goals.

Here is your horoscope for November 19, - Horoscopes News

Test Now! The horoscopes predict that at first, you will see that your efforts financially have been wasted since you will not get an equal amount of money that you put out in a business or investment. As the month progresses, your financial ability will develop gradually to a point where you will be proud of the efforts that you have made. Monthly predictions foretells that education for you this month will not go that well. You will study hard, but the results will be meager because the stars are not aligned in your favor. Those candidates awaiting competitive exams should go an extra mile and get a tutor who will assist them in raising their grades.

Based on the Taurus November horoscope, this month is a good one for you when it comes to your travel endeavors.

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Optimism looks at you directly as you travel from one business venture to another. All will yield success and professional development. See also Love Horoscope

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