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They take the time to focus and then find it rather hard to stop. They are persistent. They are connected to fertility and the planet. This is a comfortable place. By settling in they produce amazing results. They are practical. Vesta in Gemini works with communication. They are gifted with networking and coordination. They may inspire others to devotion but they may try to avoid all contact with emotion or intimacy. They are good at multitasking.

They teach and find answers. They seek to acquire as much knowledge as possible and share it.

They may need to learn to slow down and find themselves. They may have problems due to overintellectualizing their experiences instead of feeling the emotion. Vesta in Cancer is devoted to serving others. They are a natural care giver and just want to be needed.

Within The Zodiac - Vesta in the 12 astrological houses

When they don't feel appreciated they may withdraw. They have a strong feeling of responsibility to family and home.

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This may overpower any personal desires. They are willing to make this sacrifice, which may make them appear rather cold. They are intuitive. They are healers full of compassion. They may take the pain of others into themselves in an attempt to heal them. They need to learn to heal themselves. Vesta in Leo works best in creative original areas. They are artistic. They have a passion for self expression. They are full of enthusiasm and love. They can be egotistical if they are not loved.

They are natural romantics. They may refuse to consider the opinions of others. They may become zealous. They have a talent for focusing on the creative or dramatic side of any circumstance. They are proud and are always willing to give from the heart. Vesta in Virgo may become compulsive about serving others.

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They are serious and very driven to meet their goals. They have a wonderful sense of duty but they may not be able to accept that failure may result. They need to learn to relax and enjoy themselves. Placement by Sign: Unveils our deepest needs and reinforces our self-care priorities. It also indicates how our sexuality unfolds or develops with time.

Illuminated Expressions : Connecting to spirit through ritual, dedication to personal ceremonies or spiritual path, desire to bring magic into human experience, sacred sexuality. Shadow Expressions : Unrealized sexual potential, fear or denial of sexuality and passion, self-alienation. Illuminated Expressions : Wisdom as integration of intuition and intellect, pattern recognition, strategic thinking, artistic expression. Shadow Expressions : Over identification with intellect, rejection of the inner feminine, black and white thinking.

Placement by Sign: Shows us where we have intuitive gifts or creative intelligence.

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She helps us differentiate between being attracted to someone versus what is a good long-term fit for us. Illuminated Expressions : Balanced partnership that honors both individual purpose and connection through commitment, equality, and loyalty. Shadow Expressions: Attachment patterns, power struggles and jealousy in relationships, fears and manipulation, controlling expressions of the feminine that detach us from personal needs and selfhood.

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Placement by Sign: Understanding what motivates us to be in partnership, and how we can create both togetherness and individuality. Search for:. Illuminated Expressions : Self-parenting, nurturing self and others, acceptance of cycles of birth and death, caregiving Shadow Expressions : Intense attachment to mother, projection of our unmet needs onto others, eating disorders Placement by Sign: Unveils our deepest needs and reinforces our self-care priorities.

Ceres in Air Signs: Communication Gemini , cooperation Libra , and individuality Aquarius are places to foster nurturance. In other words, its positive influence had peaked, leaving the market trends open to other, more bearish influences. And as a way of helping to verify the Scorpio Rising national chart, the Flash-Crash took place when transiting Pluto was conjunct the Scorpio Ascendant. Pluto here is a solid indicator for panic setting in. Transiting Jupiter at the time was exactly squaring natal Mercury, providing some help and a quick return to normalcy.

I invite you to check out the outer planet transits and progressions to this U. As now, transiting Pluto was making a harmonious sextile to natal Vesta, and also a sextile to Neptune, bridging the two, and showing the widespread fascination for making money in the market.

Vesta Signs in the Birth Chart

However, the progressed chart shows the indicators that led to the catastrophic collapse. Also, transiting Pluto opposed the progressed Midheaven over the following months, bringing further financial losses and pain. These precise bearish indicators are true if and only if one uses the Scorpio Rising U. Financial astrologers use a variety of horoscopes to track the markets, including one for the Dow Jones Industrial Averages, the Nasdaq, and various times for the Buttonwood Agreement on May 17, However, this gathering of traders just after our nation was getting started provides the foundation for the various market indices, and so becomes the dominant chart for tracking the stock market.

Two days after the Lunar Eclipse, the Dow fell points, its worst decline in two years. Until that precipitous decline, the market moved only fractionally day after day, and generally up. Traders had been lulled into a sleepy stupor, thinking that the tiny daily moves were the new norm. But then the next trading day, Monday February 5, the Dow went into a freefall, plunging points before it recovered to a loss of , but still the worst one-day loss in history. The Great Awakener would be in play over the next few months, which kept market timers guessing.

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The small daily moves had suddenly transitioned into huge daily moves, both up and down, creating the sense of extreme volatility that we associated with Uranus. Other factors included transiting Pluto opposite the progressed Moon, and transiting Saturn opposite the Part of Fortune and quincunx Vesta. This extremely favorable combination promised a return to strong market conditions, which were well under way by June with a series of new record highs. From that point onward, the stock markets began a steady climb into record territory and the second longest bull market in history.

vesta dominant astrology Vesta dominant astrology
vesta dominant astrology Vesta dominant astrology
vesta dominant astrology Vesta dominant astrology
vesta dominant astrology Vesta dominant astrology
vesta dominant astrology Vesta dominant astrology

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