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It can cast basic horoscope and Vimsottari Dasha. All softwares of LeoTouch series are designed for android based mobiles. This astrology software designed exclusively for android based mobiles is used by all professional astrologers as it contains all necessary astrology calculations of all systems of astrology. Future Point has brought revolution in astrology by making you competent enough to do astrology anytime, anywhere as with this software astrology has reached into the pocket of common man.

LeoTouch Professional is the best choice of all astrologers now a days for their mobiles. It contains all required calculations and predictions. It contains almost all features of LeoStar Professional. It is like an ocean of astrology in your pocket. The ease of using has made it favourite of all. The horoscopes of thousands of your clients, family members and friends can be saved in different categories.

Research Data has also been incorporated. LeoTouch Professional with printing gives the facility of priting various horoscope models which can be obtained from LeoTouch Professional. It is designed for amateur astrologers, students and beginners in astrology. It gives Modules like Tables, basic astrology calculations and brief horoscope Matching.

Leo Forecast is best astrology software for those who are best players in Share market as it helps them in knowing the share market trends. It uses the combination of mathematics and astrology to predict the ups and downs of share market. Leo Forecast is that share market prediction software which helps management in its attempts to cope with the uncertainty of the future. It relyies mainly on data from the past and present along with the analysis of trends.

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In present era everything has turned online with the inception of internet few decades back. Majority of business persons have registered online presence of their businesses. Same is the case with astrologers and therefore the new era of astrology has entered in the phase of online astrology consultation which is known as online astrology. Not only online astrology consultation but also online horoscope casting has been statrted by all astrology portals. Kundli is the basis of Vedic Astrology and acts as the astrological chart to calculate the future of an individual. But, with evolving technologies, our path to attain the truth has deviated too!

Worried about your career prospects? Are you spending countless nights lying awake thinking if you choose the right company or is your labour worth the money that you are earning?! There's a myriad of problems in our life, with some ranging from mild ones that have made a home for themselves in the back of our mind, to the ones who have earned the top spot in our list.

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Brief Description of 12 best astrology softwares of Future Point is given below- Softwares for Windows - 1. Detailed Pitridosha Analysis has been incorporated.

Detailed Sadesati report. Special detailed package for Rudraksha has been added. It also provides the facility of editing before printing. LeoTouch Muhurat gives four types of Muhurat. LeoTouch shubh muhurat software not only gives auspicious day but also auspicious time of that day Astrology software LeoTouch presented by leading astrological company Future Point is easy computerized solution for complex astrology calculations and accurate astrology prediction. Kundli software LeoTouch can be termed as the champion of Vedic astrology calculations.

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The concept of computerized astrology in India was introduced by Mr. Arun Bansal who developed the first astrology software in Kundli software LeoTouch which brought revolution in the field of Indian astrology is the result of extensive research work of 40 years in the field of computerized astrology. This horoscope software contains extensive horoscope calculations with remedies and predictions.

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Jyotish software LeoTouch took astrology closer to common people's interest. Horoscope software based on vedic astrology gives method of matching soul mates. Lal Kitab and Panchangam modules of this Kundli software are very popular. The horoscope software is extremely popular for its accuracy and credibility. LeoTouch astrology software is used by all professional astrologers, astrology reaserch institutes, computerized astrology centres and students of astrology all over the world. This astrology software is available in more than 12 languages including Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Panjabi etc.

Numerology 3. Mindsutra Software Technologies. E-Lal Kitab 4. Jaimini Light 2. E-Kundali 6. Leo Star Beginner. Parashara's Light 9. Vedic Vaastu 2.

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Astrocomp Astrology Softwares Astro Office Premiumav Kundli 8 CD. Tarot 2.

AstroPack SM

E-Kundali Pro 6. Red Astro 8. Language Hindi , English Astrology Software.

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leading astrology software Leading astrology software
leading astrology software Leading astrology software
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