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Live Webinars and Courses We offer a mix of live and pre-recorded webinars, online courses, and audio downloads to meet your distance education needs. What Our students are saying.

Online Astrology Class and Applied Astrology with Debra Silverman

I love the variety of knowledgeable astrologers and topics at Astrology University, and the ease of access for viewing webinars and courses. I just love being able to learn from so many wonderful Astrologers in the comfort of my own home. It's never ceased to amaze me that each webinar is connecting me to so many like-minded people from around the world. Somehow, you have touched my soul. I have been searching for knowledge and I have found everything I need on your website. It's clear that you're rigorously thinking through the order in which we need to hear the information to facilitate our actually taking it in.

Astrology Online Course

After a mere three lessons, I'm starting to grok how to think astrologically. Browse webinars. Virtual Summits. I have been learning astrology on my own for 3 years but now I feel that I know nothing and real learning has just started.

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I am proud that I have the right Guru. You explain how to understand and dissect the Vargas in a way I have not ever heard before! The way everything starts to hang together and begin to make sense for the first time is a breath of fresh air! I'm in the middle of the Ashtamangalam Number and wish I had been exposed to it earlier. Your explanations are clear and well presented.

Astrology Diploma Course

Thanks again for all the hard work. The richness and depth of your publications, course materials and recordings convinced me to focus my studies on Vedic astrology. You do write with great clarity and with the "student" in mind.

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As you know, it's unusual, to find such clear succint written material on vedic astrology principles. I have received feedback that some are actively using the providing information in various life situations with much improved results.


So, I want you to know that you have provided a GREAT course and that your teaching is extending beyond your immediate reach with very positive results. Learn what the 5 major aspects are. Learn how to interpret the planets in signs and houses of your birthcart, incorporate the house rulers and important aspects.

This lesson is an introduction to Chart Reading. The benefit of astrology is that it reveals your unique and true love styles, love needs, and love preferences.

Astrology Lesson #1

When you awaken your deeply-embedded love style, you awaken the love energy that can attract a naturally compatible lover. Learn to check each birth chart separately to determine what their own needs are. Deeper Into Synastry: Learn why you see eye-to-eye with some people, but not others.

Deeper Into Synastry: House overlays reveal how two people see each other. Deeper Into Synastry: The aspects from one birth chart to another show how the two individuals get along. Follow us on social media if you wish to receive our updates.

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Astrology Symbols Learn the symbols used in astrology. Houses Learn what the 12 Houses of astrology are. Planets Learn what each planet brings to astrology. Zodiac Signs Learn the 12 zodiac signs of astrology, and their general characteristics. Aspects Learn about astrology aspects and orbs.

astrology online learning Astrology online learning
astrology online learning Astrology online learning
astrology online learning Astrology online learning
astrology online learning Astrology online learning
astrology online learning Astrology online learning
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